The meeting was held almost a year ago, but stop and take a look at what Oprah has going on these days.  Have you noticed the use of Skype regularly on her show.   imageShe could choose to use something more expensive and exotic for her shows, but by using something that everybody can use, like Skype, the message comes across.  She also has an app and you can read more over at MacWorld and it only costs 99 cents and you don’t even have to go to the 99 Cent store to get it.  The link below talks about the meeting from last year that was spear headed by Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Jr. and more – Billionaire’s Summit Meeting Held in New York

Did you know the White House has an app too? 

Not To Be Left Out, White House Has an IPhone App Now Too – It’s Free Of Course

I have mentioned before “if we could only get Oprah to show the world how to use a “PHR” we would be styling a bit here in healthcare, link below from last year when CMS started pilot PHR program with little or no support.  I mentioned Dr. Oz chiming in and he has done so quite since my original comment below. 

Where Are the PHR Mentors – Education Required as the Arizona Senior Project is Finding Out with Little Participation

“One other big part of the problem is the fact that we have very few role models, you don’t see anyone in Congress getting behind this either or anyone who is large in the public eye, maybe we need Oprah to sign up to make some impact or Dr. Oz to chime in to break some important ground here.”

If you have not taken notice in the last year see how much technology talk Oprah is doing these days.  Recently she started a campaign with cell phone safety too, don’t get distracted when driving, no texting.   Your car should be a “no phone” zone.

As a matter of fact this Friday, today was the first “National No Phone Zone Day.”  This means no texting and driving.  Speaking of such do you know how hard that is to do that come to think of it?  It’s not easy and even with holding the phone to your ear and talking accidents happen.  In some states it is against the law.  I found this nice little portable hands free Blue tooth device for $40.00 that works for me.  Once you pair your phone, the minute the lighter plug has power it automatically connects and you are hands free.  I was impressed and it’s in the car all the time now and what is nice is that if you travel and rent cars, take it with you in rental cars too.

Black Series™ by Shift3® Bluetooth® Hands-Free Auto Speaker – It Works!

We have a lot of new medical devices that report data that require some interaction and some talk with your phone too, so this is another area to keep in mind as well in the distraction area, as if we can’t handle cell phones now with call sand texting and be safe, what’s the future when we pile more on to the phone that require responses.  If you have a wellness coach chasing you down over exercise or medications for follow up, this has to be done correctly as well with room for slack before people get penalized for not responding within a certain time limit, especially if driving. 

The Wireless Future of Medicine – The Forgotten Element of Meaningful Use -Eric Topol –TED 2010 (Video)

Anyway as this article points out how her use of mobile technology is really important with drawing an interest the continued use and visuals used on television hopefully will bring more into the fold.  Oprah Twitters a little bit but that’s ok I didn’t like it much at first either, but boy has that changed.  Oprah is one of the few role models we have that does not subscribe to the idea that technology “is for those guys over there” and does her best to be “hands on” to try and experience herself.  BD   

Oprah Winfrey announced the launch of Oprah Mobile this week, a smartphone app that includes content from the talk show host’s TV and radio shows, O Magazine and affiliated websites. Oprah Mobile is a $1.99 app that offers “helpful advice” on a variety of topics including “spirit, health, beauty, cooking” and more.

As Jason Ankeny writes over at Fierce Mobile Content, the importance of Oprah Mobile could be tremendous:

“Oprah is unique–more a spiritual leader than a media magnate, her influence on her fan base is incalculable, and if she tells her audience to download her app, they will listen. For viewers who’ve previously relied on their handsets exclusively to make calls and send text messages, Oprah Mobile could be the application that redefines their user experience.”

Sure, Oprah Mobile could be the first mobile app Oprah’s audience adopts, and it could drive interest within her fan base to make the jump from feature phones to smartphones. Whatever the case may be, Oprah Mobile is sure to move the needle on sales of health-related mobile content. Its advent is a good thing for the budding mobile health industry.

Why Oprah’s app is important for mHealth | mobihealthnews


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