Drug delivery methods are on the move for change, not only this device but many others, and why?  For compliance and data reporting they want devices that report data trails.  We are back to data, data and more data as the “device” turns. 

Medical Device =  Algorithms  =  Medical Data  =  Data Reports  =  PHR  =  EHR  =  _____.

The technology is called “ChipSkin”.  How does this work, you swallow your pill and your pill starts talking and sending information.  The information from the pill goes to a patch or a tiny device implanted under your skin and will send your heart and respiratory rates.  The company states this is inexpensive to produce.  In a couple prior posts, I covered a bit about how the Raisin system works.

Novartis Invests 24 Million with Proteus – Chip On A Pill Also Known as IMeds as Discussed at TEDMED

We are now moving beyond aggregating data into aggregating devices.  Watch the video below.  How much longer before we have chips in our meds?  This is where the technology is leading, chips and devices reporting data.

Here’s one more video, one from TED that gives some additional information.  BD

The Wireless Future of Medicine – The Forgotten Element of Meaningful Use -Eric Topol –TED 2010 (Video)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Proteus Biomedical Inc., a pioneer in intelligent medicine, announced today that it has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration to market its wireless personal health device, the Raisin Personal Monitor.

“We believe these product systems can transform health care, and we are delighted that our strategic partners share our vision as investors in Proteus.”

Proteus’ Raisin Personal Monitor is a miniaturized, wearable device for remote recording and analysis of heart rate, physical activity, body position and patient-logged events. This personalized physiologic information is then communicated via Bluetooth to any computerized device, such as a mobile phone for emerging mHealth applications. The monitor attaches to a patient’s skin with an adhesive layer and is worn like a Band-Aid®.

This product is being further developed as part of Proteus’ integrated intelligent medicine system to link sensor-based formulations of pharmaceutical products to individualized physiologic response and outcomes-based treatment systems. Proteus and its partners are currently developing these integrated product systems in cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, organ transplantation and infectious disease.

Proteus Announces FDA Clearance of Wireless Personal Health Monitor | Business Wire


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