A bit of history, this was addressed before and settlements were made but obviously the attention never went further to recall the heparin with the similar labels.  One item I read here that I had not seen before was that the twins had staph, hospital acquired infections.  Maybe I missed it but again now we know why imagethe heparin treatment were given.  No hospital is safe from infections that are acquired and this was Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. 

In addition to the errors, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have Mr. Quaid talk a bit about cleanliness too and the battle against infections such as MRSA and others that people get and die from in the hospital.  BD 

Los Angeles, CA—Actor Dennis Quaid is going after Baxter Healthcare Corp., after his twins were given near fatal doses of a blood thinner called Heparin. The lawsuit was filed on May 21, 2010 in Los Angles Superior Court on behalf of his children, as reported by the Contra Costa Times.

Quaid’s twins, Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone, were born in November 2007, when they were given multiple near-fatal doses of Heparin, to treat staph infections. The twins were supposed to get 10 units of Hep-Lock, but instead they were given 10,000 units of Heparin. The low-dose drug, Hep-Lock, and Heparin are packaged in similar vials with blue backgrounds and very small print.

The lawsuit contends that Baxter Healthcare should have recalled Heparin 10,000 unit vials, because the drug maker as received reports that infants had died due to similar dosage errors. Baxter is also obligated to alert healthcare providers of prior medication mistakes.

Los Angeles Drug Injury: Dennis Quaid files lawsuit against Baxter Healthcare | Justice News Flash | JusticeNewsFlash Release

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