This is not for you to try at home and do it yourself, but some pretty amazing technology with treating burns.  The study and technology is taking place at Wake Forest, which I mention quite frequently here and just commented on today relative to the “body parts” folks, the ones growing organs. 

If you read about Steve Jobs in this post there’s a video on Wake Forest and how they are growing body parts at the facility. 

How Steve Jobs Influenced the Live Organ Donor Registry and Driver’s License Donor Bill In Front of the California Legislature

What is amazing is the use of a regular printer here and how it regenerates skin growth.  With the technology, each cell is placed exactly where it needs to go and is matched and by using the patient’s own cells, the risk of rejection goes down to zero.  As mentioned in the video this is of big interest to the military as well for wound care. 


This is fascinating technology.  In another related story today artificial skin is being grown with tissue engineering and grafted into place.  So today we are both growing and printing skin.  BD

Not print on skin, print the skin itself, cell layer by layer. Bioprinting custom skin grafts means you can customize a graft's depth to treat severe burns - using the patient's own cells to avoid rejection.

If you reload an inkjet cartridge with human cells, can you print skin? YES! : bioephemera


  1. wow .. this is an amazing technological advances of medicine. Is Bioprinting custom skin grafts is safe in long term?


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