This is just a quick mention of a new way to search for articles and posts at the Medical Quack.  Down along the right hand side if you scroll down or see the “tag cloud” and want to search, click on one of the words.  This is pretty unique as it gives you some real interesting and nicely formatted results to look at.  I have been blogging now about 3 years and there’s all kinds of information stuff all over the place in the current and archived posts.  This is what the cloud looks like along with how the results format.

image image

For a demonstration I clicked on the word “insurance” and this is what the results look like with an image also shown that is on the post.

I made a pretty large cloud and may even increase it’s size as it seems the larger the cloud, the more posts show up.  Also down the center is a live post that updates to where you can see who’s logged on from where (only cities and referrals are shown). 

image image

When you get further down there’s another visual that changes and shows the most recent articles that moves around and changes with visuals. 

One other quick item worth mentioning is the image widget that also uses pictures from recent posts that changes.  You can click on the image and go directly to the point so it serves a purpose other than just being a side show here.  Use the arrows to see more. 


Just for the mention too, don’t forget these tabs across the top as there’s some jewels of information at the links they provide.  If you look under the Interview section you will find some VPs and executives from Microsoft Healthcare there, a vice president of Quest Labs, a few interviews with doctors and executives of Cook Medical, Dr. Patrice Mils of Helicos Genomics, a VP from Blackberry and more that might be of interest.  I talk for the most part about Health IT here, but it is interesting to explore how it is also rolling into all other areas of healthcare too beside just medical records. 

Also worth reading is “how to search this blog” and anyone else using Blogger should look at this, as I use it myself when posting to find my related posts.  This is listed on one of the top row tags, almost instant with the second search box. 



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