Does this mean I can drink?  Of course like every other study this is just that but the interesting results here is that it appears to be a bigger help and deterrent forimage women and the study included the words “light and moderate”, so yes moderation is the key here.  At least once in a while we get a few good words about alcohol now and then.  BD  

"Our results suggest a protective effect of alcohol consumption, mostly in nonsmokers, and the need to consider interactions between tobacco and alcohol consumption, as well as interactions with gender, when assessing the effects of smoking and/or drinking on the risk of AD," according to lead investigator Ana M. Garcia, PhD, MPH, Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, University of Valencia.

"Interactive effects of smoking and drinking are supported by the fact that both alcohol and tobacco affect brain neuronal receptors."

Alcohol consumption may protect against risk of Alzheimer's disease, particularly in female nonsmokers, study finds


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