Not too long ago New York Presbyterian Hospital made a substantial investment with the Artis Zeego system with 5 of them.  The link below has a video and some additional information.

Operating Room Imaging With 3D, Mobility And One Big Large Display Configurator – New York Presbyterian Hospital

You can see by the pictures that the imaging system can be moved around the patient, sitting down, laying down, etc. and in addition comes along the 3-D imaging which you can see below.  Interventional surgery is merging with imaging in short.  It starts with the electronic medical records with everyone having access, the anesthesiologists, the nurses, and so on.

Orange-based Saint Joseph Hospital has opened its Hybrid Operating Room, featuring the robotic 3-D imaging system Artis Zeego. 
The new system makes the operating room the most advanced surgical suite in the U.S., according to the hospital's medical team.

The platform allows cardiologists and medical professionals to see details of an operation in real-time and in full color, resulting in a more accurate diagnosis, according to Renee Mazeroll, R.N., executive director of the Heart and Vascular Center at the hospital.


“It’s like going from black-and-white television in the 1950s to IMAX,” said Mazeroll.

OC METRO – St. Joseph Hospital opens 3-D operating room

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