The device is small cradle that connects to any data-capable glucose meter to automatically send blood sugar readings to the iGlucose online data base.  I have imagecovered a bit about the device before and you can read more at the link below.  The company is on to other ventures with the purchase of Easy Check Medica Diagnostics.   The company is developing a product where you can breath on it to find your glucose level.  From what I am reading here the cradle has a constant wireless connection to use with a data capable glucose device to send the readings. 

PositiveID Corporation's Health Link Personal Health Record – First PHR to Communicate Real-Time Blood Sugar Readings for Diabetics and Their Caregivers/Physicians

“The integration of iGlucose and the Health Link PHR, will give diabetics the ability to manage their disease unlike ever before. Diabetic patients, parents, physicians and other caregivers will be able to configure Health Link to set specific alerts and alarms related to real-time glucose readings. These alarms could alert the diabetic, parent, caregiver or physician to a high or low glucose reading and allow for real-time management and any necessary action to prevent a potential emergency medical situation.”

The device can function without the use of a cell phone or any wireless network as well.  The data can be forwarded to a physician, care giver, or where ever the patient designates.  All you need is a glucose device that is data capable. 

Just as information, this is the same company, PositiveID that makes the “chip” implant.  That item of course is very controversial in many circles and is an option to use to connect to their personal health record, which also communicates with HealthVault and Google Health.  BD

VeriChip Implant Links To Your PHR Health Records, Credit History, Social Security With PositiveID


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., May 17, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID" or the "Company") announced today that it has completed  development of the initial prototype of its iGlucose system, creating a small cradle that connects to any data-capable glucose meter to automatically communicate a diabetic's blood sugar readings to the iGlucose online database. As a result of the early completion of the prototype, the Company is highly focused on commercialization efforts and is accelerating its launch plans. iGlucose provides next generation, real-time data to improve diabetes management and help ensure patient compliance, data accuracy and insurance reimbursement.

PositiveID Corporation Completes Initial Prototype of its iGlucose Product for Real-Time Diabetes Management - MarketWatch


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