As consumers this would be nice to be able to scan products and not have to worry about missing a recall post somewhere on the news.   There will be other drug and device recalls too so the sooner we have this capability the sooner we can get our information, not to mention making compliance easier to monitor for the FDA.

 Johnson and Johnson McNeil Healthcare Group Recalls Children’s Over the Counter Liquid Medicationsimage

We need a technology solution that everyone can get their heads around soon. 

FDA Publishes Information on How to Identify Recalls – Why Not Scan That Stent With A Cell Phone and Make It Easy for the Public and Manufacturers To Keep Up, Notify And Automate Compliance

Would I as a consumer like the availability of being able to use my phone to get this information instantly?  You bet I would and I can guess too that clinicians would also welcome using this technology as they could have instant information instead of a lot of extra time in going to the web and performing time consuming research.  We simply are running short of time to do all of this today and I think we should give this some heavy consideration here with improving how and where we find the information we need.  

By the way if you like this idea put a little check mark on the survey to the right and tell us how you feel or if you understand this concept too!  It’s a winner all the way around and would help the DEA as well as consumers too in identifying “fake drugs” too.  BD 

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!image

Four children's cough and cold medicines made at a Johnson & Johnson plant shuttered because of manufacturing problems were recalled Friday, a month after different kids' medicines made at the facility were withdrawn.

Blacksmith Brands, which sells the PediaCare cough and cold medicines made at the plant in Fort Washington, Pa., said on its website that it was issuing the recall for precautionary reasons. It said it hasn't received any complaints or reports of side effects connected to the PediaCare products.

The latest recall affects PediaCare's Multi-Symptom Cold, Long Acting Cough, Decongestant, and Allergy and Cold medicines. Blacksmith Brands said it has told retailers to take the four products from store shelves and advised parents to stop

More Children's Medicine Made at J&J Facility Is Recalled -


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