As I understand in reading this you stand there and it shakes your body all over.  I don’t know how the claims are as far as any specific conditions, but I would think that just the shaking alone would feel good and perhaps even be better than a massage if it touches muscles that normally don’t get used.  It is not an FDA approved machine so it really can’t make an medical claims.  BD 

Sash was standing on a therapeutic whole-body vibration machine, a new alternative therapy offered by 02 Wellness, which opened this year at 3551 imageCamino Mira Costa in San Clemente.

Sash was one of several "vibers" who used the machines recently. Each Theravibe machine – which looks like a treadmill but replaces the belt with a flat platform that vibrates – costs $18,000. Brenda Carbone, owner of O2 Wellness, offers sessions on the machine for $10 each.

Some medical studies highlight the benefits of whole-body vibration machines, including helping with osteoporosis. Some 02 Wellness vibers report weight loss and a reduction in their asthma symptoms.

But some experts say not enough research has been done to determine whether the machines actually produce health benefits. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates medical devices, hasn't approved the Theravibe device yet, said Dick Thompson, an FDA representative. A device maker that makes medical claims must apply for FDA approval.

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