If you have an IPhone, then you know what I am talking about as it reacts to how it is positioned.  This is a good article about the next wave that is up and coming imageand being promoted by HP, so I guess we can now say that soon we will have a “smart accelerometer” that can give even further detail on your activity.  The video is a bit spooky when you look.  Of course sensors are meant to be helpful, but it all depends on the eyes of the beholder and hopefully not an effort to disrupt as well.

Wellness programs that use biotechnology?  This could be a future wellness coach watching everything you do and how you move, as they have programs set up that if you are not moving often enough, your phone will give you a text message telling your to move more and email you too.

I would love to members of Congress trying to go about the business of creating laws and being interrupted with text messages telling them to move around a bit more, would make a great video for YouTube and we could all see members slowly becoming participants on what is being professed and enacted for all of us. 

The 80s were the years of the PC, the 90s were the years of the internet and guess what, 2000s are going to be the decade of the “sensors”.  The devices in your cell phones are not as sophisticated as to what is shown here, but how long does the development take these days, well not very long so keep an eye out. It is in fact the underestimated area of meaningful use and kind of hard to line up as every day it changes a bit, and this is where my usual comment comes in about needing participants and leadership with some IT knowledge, otherwise we are sunk. 

The Wireless Future of Medicine – The Forgotten Element of Meaningful Use -Eric Topol –TED 2010 (Video)

Medical Device =  Algorithms  =  Medical Data  =  Data Reports  =  PHR  =  EHR  =  _____.  I placed a lot of related links below on past articles in case you want to take a look.  The health insurance business likes the whole idea and I’m sure would have us all stuck with a device whether we like it or not and probably get some really bad implementations as they continue with “behavioral underwriting” algorithmic calculations. 

More about behavioral underwriting and the folks involved with some of this and you can see Red Brick, who is a client of Ingenix, (a wholly owned subsidiary of United Healthcare) going at it with investing .  I get a funny feeling when I listen to the CEO of Red Brick like this is all rehearsed and he looks like either an actor or a kind of a puppet in being coached all the way through. 

Behavioral Underwriting With Biometric Employee Screenings – Red Brick Secures 3 More Clients

They sell the biometric monitoring to employers and monitor you from the wellness coaching area and by the way did you know that United bought yet another wellness company in February of 2010 this year that uses biometrics, check it out?

UnitedHealth Buys Another Wellness Company – Biometric Monitoring For Data With Employer Contracts

Earlier this month I had the chance to visit Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto. I spent my time there talking to a number of senior engineers and scientists about the exciting technology they're working on, much of it related to the Internet of Things (a trend I've paid particularly close attention to over the past 18 months).

I started the morning with a visit to the laboratory of Dr. Peter Hartwell, a senior researcher at HP Labs and one of the brains behind HP's ambitious CeNSE project ("Central Nervous System for the Earth"). As I walked into the lab, Hartwell was busy playing with a new accelerometer that measures very fine vibrations - which I would soon find out has potential applications in industries such as medicine and mass transport.

Why HP Thinks Sensors Will Lead to The Next Big Wave of Computing

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