Dr. Halamka makes a great point here on structured data and the challenges of the analytics portion of the puzzle.  Not too long ago I posed about mapping ICD codes to SNOMED and we had some what of the same ridiculous conclusion drawn which we all know is not really good here.

Mapping ICD Codes to SNOMED A Daunting Project – Men Who Smoked While Pregnant

In his example here we have the person using alcohol every day, listen to what he has to say and how the queries run, especially when looking at unstructured data, in other words freehand notes that every doctor adds to a chart.  This is where the human bridge comes in to add “human” sense and accuracy to the algorithms so we get quality information to work with.  Click on the image to link to the video and listen to the example he makes here and you will understand why we need to do this.  BD 


In this video from the national HIT conference in Boston, Dr. John Halamka -- CIO of Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; chair of the U.S. Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, or HITSP; and co-chair of the HIT Standards Committee -- participates in a roundtable discussion about developing effective health IT standards and policies.

Using health IT standards to address EHR data challenges


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