This is moving pretty rapidly in healthcare with private equity.  I just posted about a related story a couple days ago, HealthcareofToday, a big grouping of investors adding a medical tourism company to their group.  With such investors too, we get layers, in other words this company is a subsidiary of company B who is a subsidiary of company A, imageso tracking who owns who and where they invest gets a bit complicated. 

SK3 Group, Inc. (A HealthcareofToday Company) Acquires Premiere Medical Travel

Everybody wants you to be aware of your cost today, medically speaking and even form HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt has joined such a company that is in the employer and analytical side of the business with insurance. 

Former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt Joins Board of Healthcare Financial Services Company

We have the Medical Banking Project that is another group collaborating on the cost, investing and other financial areas of healthcare and again how we make money at doing all of this.  Lobbyists too are encouraged to join this group.

HIMSS acquires Medical Banking Project – Business Intelligence and Banking Algorithms?

This is interesting that it is considered a “non profit” organization when you can almost bet everyone involved who may join is doing so to learn how or is already “making a profit”. 

This could in fact be a new coined paradigm here, “non-profit” place where the “for profits” gather to talk about how to make more money from healthcare and compare those portfolios.  BD 

CHICAGO – A group of private equity firms active in the healthcare industry have formed a non-profit trade association whose purpose is to support the "reputation, knowledge and relationships" of the healthcare private equity community.

The Healthcare Private Equity Association's approximately 40 member firms represent more than $300 billion of capital under management and more than 300 healthcare-focused investment professionals.

As the first sector-focused trade association in private equity, HCPEA anticipates it will represent one of the largest groups of privately-held healthcare businesses in the United States. Its members' approximately 500 healthcare portfolio companies have more than $200 billion of combined revenue and more than 750,000 employees.

Private equity firms establish first healthcare-focused trade association | Healthcare Finance News


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