This is a new tool being tried and sponsored by the VA and the University of Central Florida.  It is called “Guardian Angel” and it may be out for purchase within the next year.  It is not a substitute for therapy but is another tool than can be used.

This for some reason does not surprise me as everything to get the attention of the US consumer today in any area is all but a game.

Why Games Will Take Over Our Lives – I Agree It Could As Sometimes Is The“Only” Item That Motivates Any Kind of a Learning Process – Entertain Me or Otherwise Don’t Bother

The link above explains some of the games used in various areas of healthcare.  BD 




Charleston, SC - From treatment to cold turkey, 51-year-old Beverly Ewell has tried everything to beat his 40-year-old addiction to alcohol.
"Just tired, tired of using drugs and alcohol, tired of losing jobs, tired of being homeless and just wanted a better life," he said.

Video Games Used to Fight Alcohol Addiction|ABC News 4


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