We look forward to the spoofs of the EHR business to keep up rolling for sure.  They are wielding a fire hose when it comes to watering down meaningful use!  BD


Electronic health record vendor Extormity today issued a heartfelt public thank you to the Office of the National Coordinator for its slow and deliberate approach to refining and announcing final meaningful use guidelines for electronic health records. image

“No doctor in their right mind is buying an EHR system right now, which means the small EHR vendors are suffering mightily until meaningful use is finalized,” said Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington. “All these upstart, SaaS model EHR companies are living on angel money life support, doing their best to make payroll and cutting expenses for things like marketing. Meanwhile, we are living comfortably on our Swiss bank cash reserves and overcharging newly funded HIEs to build bloated exchange infrastructure.”

Whittington believes the plodding pace will be good for medicine. “When it comes to calls for watering down meaningful use, we are wielding a fire hose,” explained the Extormity CEO.

“When final rules are announced, a paper chart with an electrical cord plugged into a wall socket should do the trick. By that time, weakened competitors will lack the resources to grab market share and we will swoop in with our expensive client-server EHR. As physicians scramble to get on board and qualify for stimulus funding, we will both extend a helping hand and slap on the long-term contractual handcuffs.”

About Extormity

Extormity is an electronic health records mega-corporation dedicated to offering highly proprietary, difficult to customize and prohibitively expensive healthcare IT solutions.

Our flagship product, the Extormity EMR Software Suite, was recently voted “Most Complex” by readers of a leading healthcare industry publication. Learn more at www.extormity.com


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