If you read here often enough you see the world algorithm quite a bit as that is what it is all about.  If you read about Wall Street, it’s the algorithms there too.  I do somewhat get a bit puzzled as to why we call these mathematical formulas “circuit breakers” and other strange names as it helps to maintain a common description so people can learn about how our processes work.  In order to audit such processes our government needs major infrastructure updates and educated IT people imagewho can put such in place. 

My Algorithm Didn’t Do That, Did It? Is There a “Department of Algorithms” in Our Future?

Of course their algorithm lead to the decision making processes to cancel women who had breast cancer and we are talking semantics here with perhaps the formula being run for a different purpose, and then someone else views the results and uses it for other purposes, goes on all the time. 

Blue Cross CEO Writes Obama Administration – We Are Not The Villains, It Was the Patients Not Giving Us All the Data We Needed To Run Our Costing Algorithms

They don’t want to take any responsibility for this and try to over shadow with words and soft talking but bottom line in data if you use it that way for decisions, it shows. 

WellPoint Ran a Breast Cancer Algorithm to Target Members for Cancellation of Policies - “Fraud Detection” is the Catch All that Justifies the Reporting

Hopefully things will become a bit more ethical with women needing care and the bean counting algorithms can take second place to giving needed patient care without all the awful justifications on saving money.  Reuters is absolutely right in standing behind what they reported here as the glimmer of light is starting to show through as we all are getting smarter about how money and algorithms work together, and they are not always applied equally and hopefully we will get the talent and systems at the SEC soon to help us out, they have machine guns, we have swords.  BDimage

Beginning July 1, WellPoint said it will standardize clinical guidelines for women recovering from mastectomy to offer a voluntary 48-hour minimum hospital stay.

The vast majority of WellPoint's members already receive the standard of care indicated in the legislation, the company said, but it believes applying the provision widely will encourage others in the industry to adopt it as well.

Other provisions of the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act introduced by U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro include more transparent benefit language.

WellPoint has come under heavy criticism from lawmakers and President Barack Obama's administration following a Reuters article last month that said the company used computer algorithms to target women with breast cancer for an investigation, with the intent of canceling their policies.

WellPoint adopting parts of breast cancer act | Reuters


  1. This news is very encouraging. Now the breast cancer patients only took two days for hospital stay after undergoing Mastectomy. Where we can read these latest guidelines?


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