Has Hell frozen over here?  For those who appear not to be announcing retirement, we have some that are finally looking at an update on the way they handle business…hmmm…maybe like the rest of us have been doing from some time now.  Don’t get too excited here, there’s only 4 so far according to this video. 


As you can see the project of going wireless is going to take around 3 years for the House!  (yikes) Why so long.  What is funny is the talk about the representatives from California and the one in my area is a big surfer and I don’t mean the internet so I wouldn’t see this one jumping on the bandwagon too soon as our town halls are phone calls out of the 70s in this part of Orange County. 

House of Representatives Going Wireless – Slated to Take 3 Years And Could Have Some Real Healthcare Management Benefits for Members

A couple weeks ago though during the Goldman Sachs hearing, I didn’t see anything but big stacks of paper, so the effort to move in this direction and become “participants” is good.  How many will actually use them for as working tools and not just entertainment will remain to be seen and I hope we hear more about this.   Multi tasking will no doubt be in the picture in no time at all.  BD 



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