This is an interesting business structure with HealthcareofToday at the top of the ladder here with a group of investors.  When you take a close look, there are all imagekinds of companies in the group from biotech, medical billing, medical real estate and more, really a mixed bag of predominantly healthcare companies.  There’s also one insurance company in the bunch as well and the websites talks about the integration of all the companies for services.

I can guess how the tourism angle might fit here as we are seeing more and more of this in the news as little by little we are getting priced out of being able to afford healthcare in some areas of the US.  Both SK3 and Premiere Medical Travel are located in California.  Last year I attended the World Medical Tourism Conference and the link below tells a bit about what I learned.  BD 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

From the website:

“Healthcare of Today is a network of related businesses. In simple terms, Healthcare of Today acts as a parent to a large family. Each separate company underneath the canopy of our management is guided by the philosophy and direction of HOTI executives and its Board of Directors. While the underlying companies are wholly owned as subsidiaries, they maintain their respective business functions and operate as individual units. So the benefit is that in addition to being an independent business, they are now networked into a whole range of companies from which they can seek additional resources, partnerships, and professional insight from colleagues at the highest levels of various industries.”

MIAMI, FLORIDA, May 19, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- SK3 Group, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: SKTO) has signed a definitive agreement with Healthcare of Today to acquire Premiere Medical Travel Corporation (, a medical tourism consulting firm.

Premiere Medical Travel ("Premiere") provides foreign governments, high quality international health centers, and global healthcare facilitators with targeted industry research services, analysis, consultation, and insight into the mind of medical travel consumers in the US market. Industry analysts forecast that, by 2014, the global spend in Medical Tourism will exceed $14 Billion. These figures were recently validated in a PMTC proprietary research project. The study revealed that 47% of US consumers responded positively when asked if they would consider traveling internationally for healthcare services.

SK3 Group, Inc. Acquires Medical Tourism Firm - MarketWatch


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