This kennel is in Maine and I guess when it comes to cold weather days perhaps having an outlet for exercise inside could help.  In my way of thinking, me the owner imageneeds the exercise too so we do walks together.   

Don’t let that dog become a couch potato.  BD 


BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One kennel and doggy day care in Bangor is using a treadmill to keep their pups in shape year-round.

Obesity among pets can lead to diabetes, skin problems, and joint pain. In the winter months, it's difficult for pet owners to keep their pets active because of the weather. This treadmill for dogs can help dogs stay in shape or get in shape if they need to shed a few pounds. Just like humans, a balanced diet and frequent activity is the key to a healthy pup.

"We go to work, they sleep on the couch," veterinarian Laura Buckley said. "They're not getting the activity.  Maybe they wander around the yard or maybe they run after a ball a few times , but it's not heavy activity for a half an hour a day every day." | Portland, ME | Dogs get in shape with a treadmill designed just for them


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