The CEO says they are committed “to our portfolio” approach with capital development”.  Does this mean that better healthcare and patients get the back seat?  How does portfolio management affect the patient and the care we receive?   We had UnitedHealthCare raising their dividends this week too.

UnitedHealth To Pay Out Higher and More Frequent Dividends to Share Holders, No Caps on Earnings for Executives or What Is Spent on Lobbying Says the Boardimage

Both companies are focused on shareholders, so in view of the current economic times, with 55% of the US hospitals operating in the red, Congress not being able to fund Medicare compensation permanently for physicians, what does all this press do for the average consumer and those working in healthcare?  Where’s the ethics we are all looking for?  No wonder everyone gets the idea that “it’s all about the money” and if patients and doctors happen to survive, well so be it I guess.

Is this also conveying a message that efforts are being made to drive more investors to the companies too as they are looking for more money in view of the already staggering profits being made?  BD  

The Board of Directors of McKesson Corporation at its meeting today approved a change in its dividend policy by increasing the amount of the Company’s regular quarterly dividend by 50%.

The Board of Directors implemented the increase immediately by declaring a dividend of eighteen cents per share on the Common Stock, payable on July 1, 2010, to shareholders of record on June 10, 2010.
“Based on our confidence in our business and future cash flow generation, the Board of Directors has increased the quarterly dividend from twelve cents to eighteen cents per share,” said John H. Hammergren, chairman and chief executive officer. “We remain committed to our portfolio approach to capital deployment, which we believe will create significant value for our shareholders.”

McKesson Raises Quarterly Dividend by 50% | McKesson Corp.


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