This is a help and you can pick and choose which alerts you want to receive by email and perhaps in time we could see some of the announcements on Twitter?  That’s on the “wish list” here and is my comment.  As we are all getting so much busier in life the data overload just keeps on rolling image and this is not to say that this site is not valuable because it is, but for goodness sakes can’t the insurers create some simpler algorithms for us as consumers to work with instead of having to live with “Forest Gump Insurance” in never really knowing what you are going to get! 

The algorithmic formulas change all the time and it’s a mess keeping up with every small tweak and analysis that occurs that costs consumers dollars and has a snowball effect on all other transaction system it affects.

Health Insurance Business Intelligence “Scoring” Algorithms Interfering with Human Morals

The link below is from 2 years ago talking about insurers wanting more algorithms then and they developed them and with transaction costs to get to the bottom line, the software process just keeps feeing itself. 

Health Care Insurers Suggest Algorithms and Business Intelligence solutions to provide health insurance solution


Even HHS had to give out a grant to keep on top of the Premium Rate Reviews, so see what I mean, here’s $51 million out of tax payers pockets to figure out the algorithms being used by insurance carriers. 

HHS Announces $51 Million in Grants For the Creation of Algorithms To Enhance Health Insurance Premium Rate Review Processes

Granted we need some auditing services I agree but this is out of hand and there will be more. Even our US CIO Vivek Kundra has become wise to this as well with really giving a good hard look at the technology expenses and what you get in return.  We pay for all this in premiums and get dollars deducted in claim payments.

US Federal CIO Vivek Kundra to Review 30 High Risk IT Projects – Federal IT Dashboard Used to Identify Rating Concerns

Health insurance consumers concerned about rate increases can now keep track of them online by visiting the California Department of Insurance’s website.

The department has launched a new electronic service to alert consumers when insurers file rates in the individual market, which serves people who do not receive health coverage through their employers.

To sign up for the e-mails, go to Once there, click on “Sign up for a free account” and select which updates to receive.

“We want as many people as possible scouring these rate filings to ensure they are mistake-free,” Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said in a statement. “The e-mail notification tool will expand access to these documents by informing the public of when there are new filings to peruse.”

Filings there are listed by company name, the date they were received and their file numbers. So far, that site contains rate filings from Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc., Blue Shield of California, Health Net Inc. and Prudential. The documents come straight from the insurers, providing their detailed calculations and explanations for their rate increases.

New online tools allow consumers to track health insurance rate hikes | Money & Company | Los Angeles Times


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