By taking a look at this letter, I can see what nothing gets accomplished in Congress today requesting the Forms 990 from IHI to include all imageschedules.  Senator Grassley is also asking about his benefits and I assume this might be inquiring as to whether or not he’s going to be a Medicare participant and want to know where the money came from.  

I just remember sitting back and watching the Senate testimonies for the healthcare stimulus money back in January of 2009 and nobody on the receiving end (Senate and staff) even knew what a Personal Health Record was.  I read about members of Congress not even having enough consumer IT knowledge to put a password on their own wireless networks at home and then see more like this, a big disappointment as it appears to me there’s a lot of folks hanging on to 8 track tapes. 

We are still largely supporting an ecosystem that needs to be rewritten as formulas and transaction fees are a big cause of the big expenses we pay for healthcare today and one claim can pay several companies by the time they run it through their algorithms for accuracy and “fraud” prevention.  We need this technology but not to the level it is at today as it feeds itself with adding new software transactions all the time and we see the quarterly reports of many of these companies making millions and billions while hospitals, patients and doctors struggle. 

Healthcare Literacy Still a Big Problem with Treatments, Diagnosis and Insurance Coverage – Business Still Does Very Little to Help While Payment Transaction Fees Continue to Mount and Create Huge Profits

It’s amazing that we went years without a CMS director and see not much more than political battles while everything seems to be falling to shambles with the complicated algorithmic formulas and intelligence we are living with today and us as humans are having issues fitting into all the molds required to live as citizens to work with laws that should be simpler and digital for that matter. 

Unfortunately we still live under the auspice of “its for those guys over there” and non participants who don’t understand what Healthcare  Health IT and care is all about as technology is throwing us a new left curve every day, but you need to participate to see it and acknowledge the fact that it exists.   

Here’s a video with Dr. Berwick speaking on his commitments in healthcare if you need a little background.  BD


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