The company has already had some activity in the UK as you can read below dating back to 2006 and 2008 on a small scale basis.  Also in 2006 the CEO at the time, William McGuire resigned after he received stock options that has been backdated which was done for financial gain.

NHS Putting Doctors Back in Charge Throughout the System – Unknown If Savings Will Occur & US Health Insurance Companies May See Business Opportunities imageThrough Managing Care With GPs

GPs will have to join one of about 500 consortia. They will be allowed to buy in outside help from private firms or charities to run their practices.  The doctors will spend 20 per cent of their time running their departments and 80 per cent on medical duties. Each will be supported by a nurse and a manager.

The 2nd quarter profit numbers from United are due to be out soon and remember they have a ton of subsidiaries as well as a bank that all contribute to their profits, and they even make money from selling services to other insurance carriers.  BD

The Minnesota-based UnitedHealth has already become a key adviser to primary care trusts (PCTs) on commissioning health services and operating bids to run GP practices. Earlier this month it beat Bupa and Humana, another US health insurer, to win the contract from the health department to advise PCTs.

The decision follows successful bids to run two GP practices in Derbyshire in 2006 and three practices in central London in 2008, taking over from the Brunswick Group. In April the company announced a 21% increase in profits for the first three months of the year to $1.2bn (pounds 784m).

United said it brought high level management expertise and efficient provision of services to the UK health service but it has faced accusations of overcharging and malpractice in a series of legal suits.

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