This is great and goes right along with my advocacy for using Microsoft Tag Bar Coding.  At present I have about 30 articles on the Medical Quack imagewritten on this topic, why, because the technology stands to save lives is the the biggest reason.  Secondly it offers the FDA a solution to handle recalls with making information available to health care professionals and the public.  I see Nancy Pelosi is talking and I wonder if she will avail herself of the new technology?  The NCLS has issued their own press release which can be seen here. 

Below is a post from Microsoft Gov with an over all summary of how they can be used by device/drug companies, the FDA, the DEA and even a short blurb on how the White House can use them for events so no uninvited guest sneak in again.  image

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!

One thing for sure this conference will expose is the identification of the “participants” versus the “non participants” with being open to try and use new technology for solutions.  We have so many “non participants” around and that is such an issue as they could be role models if they were open to try and see the solutions that are possible today. 


Look what happens to be on the agenda – Healthcare Reform!  I see Cindy Mann, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Maryland speaking and wonder if she will connect with Tags and try them out. 


There’s also a working solution using the very same technology for the new DEA rules for e-prescribing and authenticating physicians – good stuff and video at the link below.

RAZCODE (Microsoft Tags) Using Smart Phones to authenticate MDs When e-Prescribing Controlled Substances

If that isn’t enough you can connect to HealthVault and Google Health with data input via Microsoft Tags/Razcodes.

Digital Health Tokens – Connect Google Health to HealthJibe – RAZCODE With Microsoft Tags

My poll seems to be moving along pretty good too and have had some nice Tweets on Twitter with consumers and hospital CIOs really liking the idea.  I might guess my regular readers at the Medical Quack might be chuckling a bit at some of this as it looks like the campaign could finally be having it’s day to see who’s really open to creating working and needed solutions.  Using Tags on your cell phone is easier than making a phone call and yet we see the “non participants” just run for the hills or perhaps take a stance of “that’s not cool”.  I have years of that experience with being a Tablet PC enthusiast so it lives unfortunately. 

Take time out and vote if you don’t mind and maybe we can open some minds and draw some out of the “tech denial closet”. 

image image

We have HHS wanting to improve health literacy so perhaps with their representative attending here and trying out Microsoft Tags it might sink in a bit on how they are missing one big area of technology that is actually fun and will enhance involving the patients, everyone keeps missing this and gee, are they hiding in that “tech denial closet”.  This is a hands on consumer IT product that’s for everyone from Congress on down. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

There’s a big list of exhibitors for the convention, some big names too and I wonder what they will do with the technology and at least maybe try it!  At minimum I would hope that the American Academy of Family Physicians would see the value here, since the doctors have to stay on top of all the recall and drug information. 

We have doctor’s groups suing the FDA now too due to a lack of a good notification program, so this needs to get going.

FDA Is Sued By Non Profit Doctors Group - Failure to Notify Diabetic Patients Of Alternatives for Avandia – Bar Coding and Scanning Product With A Cell Phone Could Solve the Problem

Even Kaiser Permanente is right on with working with bar codes and it is helping demonstrate how the use of medical records are creating better joint replacements for patients, bar codes tagging that information in the health records!

Kaiser Permanente Demonstrates Success of Large-Scale Total Joint Replacement Registry With Help from Health Connect PHR

One side of me says I would love to have a video with Nancy Pelosi discovering how to use Tags, again we as citizens do like to see our government leaders stand up and be role models as it certainly builds confidence among constituents.  Hopefully all are better educated too on general consumer health IT as in January of 2009 nobody in the Senate hearings and committees had even heard of a PHR or seen one and we are hopefully past that point.  We need more “participants” and less “non participants” with technology today for a better informed society and leaders that can in process create better laws and rules to protect and help all of us, as you have to include technology today with new legislation, otherwise leaders are not as effective as they should be and we all lose.  BD 

DENVER, July 23 -- The National Conference of State Legislatures issued the following news release: This year, NCSL will place "tags" or imagesigns in various locations throughout the Kentucky International Center during its three-day meeting. A tag is a barcode that contains encoded information. When a participant takes a picture of the tag with their phone, the information encoded into the tag becomes available on the mobile device.

Users will need to download the Microsoft tag software ( to their Blackberry, iPhone, Android, EVO or any other smartphone to access the information from a tag sign. The software is free and easy to install. Basic instructions on how to download and use the Microsoft application will be located next to the tag signs at the Convention Center.
"Some of our participants are very active on their mobile phones. By using this technology, we allow them to stay engaged and informed at our meetings," said Gene Rose, communications director for NCSL.


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