If it wasn’t for speech recognition, blogging would be difficult, and yet I do use it. I also switch around and use the free speech recognition from imageMicrosoft too, depends on what I am doing and how long I will be using dictation at any one sitting.  Now the software claims it will work better for kids too so first graders can get into the act.  If this had only been around way back when I was doing term papers!  

Nuance Dragon Dictation Comes to the iPhone And Is Free for Now

Dragon is also equipped to handle social media now too and will recognize those commands to open programs, etc.  The price for the professional has dropped a couple hundred dollars. As mentioned in the article below, Nuance pretty much has most of the market in speech recognition technologies tied up. 

In other Nuance news, SpeechAttendant software has been upgraded too.  This is an automated attendant solution for corporate directories. 


Nuance Acquires ShapeWriter Touchscreen Technology With Continuous Touch Keyboard Input

Nuance has all kinds of mobile applications and if you need Paper Port, Nuance is the place to get the document manager.  Many physicians have used Paper Port for years. 

RadWhere from Nuance brings speech recognition to the Radiology Department

I should probably also add here that Nuance also has a “free” pdf reader available for download if you are frustrated with Adobe and you can fill in and save pdf forms, a feature most do not have that are free pdf programs and with Adobe you pay for that upgrade.  BD 


Nuance, the company that makes Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, is in a pretty sweet position: It’s essentially a monopoly. One by one, its competitors in the speech-recognition business have either left the market (Philips), gone out of business (Lernout & Hauspie) or turned over its product to Nuance (I.B.M.). Even the sole Mac speech-recognition program, MacSpeech Dictate, can no longer be considered a kind of rival; Nuance bought it this year.

Only the underappreciated, mostly ignored Speech program in Microsoft Windows is around to keep Nuance on its toes.

Back in December, Nuance began offering a free iPhone app, Dragon Dictation. You speak; the company’s computers in Boston analyze your snippet; within seconds, the converted, typed text appears on your screen.

But this was no altruistic move; Nuance had an ulterior motive. Its computers keep copies of those hundreds of thousands of dictated messages (no names attached, of course), creating an amazing central archive of American voices and speech patterns. Nuance engineers later exploited this gold mine, using it to test out new recognition algorithms to improve Dragon’s accuracy.

State of the Art - Nuance Tweaks Its Dictation Software, Wringing Out Errors - NYTimes.com


  1. Dragon is probably the standard when it comes to speech recognition software.


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