Somebody said the other day that you can now major in analytics in college, and I jokingly said I thought that was going to be the next 12 step imageprogram for those addicted to analytics.  You may laugh at this comment but there’s a lot of truth to some of this as data bases along with queries and more numbers are being generated on how to do things better.  You can read below how Goldman Sachs has also announced they have entered this market and what do they have to sell, algorithms that generate revenue and profit.  

From the website:

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Goldman-Sachs Announces Their Intentions to Enter Health IT Consulting – Pitching Those Algorithms

Granted we need some of this technology by all means but it is reaching the point of being so defined that we are finding it cumbersome to operate within the parameters that some of this intelligence creates, thus we have over stepped perhaps the “balance” that also needs to exist.  Try buying health insurance and there’s your first hint for a simple example. 

We saw this with Meaningful Use and how the parameters of what needed to be met was adjusted.  The folks on the analytics side will continue to push for profit and those who are on the “doing” side will continue to be the beta testers of the analytics folks, and some are addicted I feel, to promote better technologies and lifestyles. 

So in essence we have one more entry into this crowded field as the results are strictly money driven.  A big part of this somehow gets through due to secrecy with data systems and the just flat ignorance of the American public.  We do exist in a world where those with the bankrolls are ruling what happens everywhere today and not just healthcare. It’s the far out world of the non participants who do not try some of the proposed parameters themselves and continue to adhere to the philosophy of “it’s for those guys over there”. 

Healthcare Literacy Still a Big Problem with Treatments, Diagnosis and Insurance Coverage – Business Still Does Very Little to Help While Payment Transaction imageFees Continue to Mount and Create Huge Profits

We do not have the opportunity to “certify” payer algorithms like we do with the EHR medical records software and without having that balance, we have the big mess we all live in today, thus making healthcare reform difficult in many areas.   I don’t even believe at times the government knows what they might be endorsing as company subsidiaries are hidden and maybe not on purpose, but lack of research at times before statements are made. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

I just read this morning on another blog that Dr. Berwick has opted out of Medicare coverage and if in fact this is true, there goes that same old paradigm of “its for those guys over there” once more and I am disappointed to hear this as I thought we would finally have someone who could be role model. 

If you don’t have everyone participating and being role models I feel this will eventually lead to a big uprising in the US in time, and how that could evolve remains to be seen as layers of frustration continue to mount with “machine gun” technology being used against the rest of us who are pretty much still armed with “swords and daggers” to protect ourselves. 

The analytics and transaction business is one that continues to feed itself and somewhere along the line better decisions might be needed here to help drive down the cost of care for all of us, as if you look at the stock market those are the folks making the big dollars, not doctors and hospitals.  

VA Cans $500 Million Financial System Overhaul – Financial Transactions - The Business That Keeps Feeding Itself

The government itself due to budget reasons is looking at their own transaction and financial investments at the link above and are putting some on hold as they are not urgent and can be rolled in over time without huge capital investments now when other pressing issues need attention.  BD

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Vendor Notebook - Philips to offer consulting for hospital IT investments | Healthcare IT News


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