I am just curious as other have issues too?  Can we get Senator Grassley a data base that ties all of this together?  We need an overall data base to track all and it would be so much more efficient and a bit more transparent than this process.  image

Lawsuit Filed Against DePuy (Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary) Over Defective Hip That Had to Be Replaced

We would all like devices to be a perfect business but in fact they are not and the alternative to a replacement is a lot worse, but this is not to displace any areas of responsibility as we all know marketing and sales enter the picture at some point in time. 

DePuy (Johnson and Johnson) Warning Doctors of High Failure Rates – Hip Product Being Phased Out

Zimmer Holdings also had the whistle blower case filed this year.

Whistle Blower Suit Filed at Rush University – Orthopedic Surgery Safety and Medicare Violations

Again, using technology and having a data base tracking issues is the answer instead of following all the political issues which may need to be addressed anyway, but today it’s all about the data.  If flaws are found they could be documented as well as how the manufacturer handled in the same data base and information could be available for all.  BD

A top Senate Republican is asking the nation’s biggest maker of artificial hips and knees to disclose information about how it handles complaints about possible product flaws from its medical consultants.

In a letter sent Thursday, the lawmaker, Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, also asked the company, Zimmer Holdings, to disclose how it tracked the long-term performance of its orthopedic devices.

Zimmer, which is based in Warsaw, Ind., said in a statement that it welcomed the opportunity to discuss its policies, including how it responded to surgeon complaints.

Senator Seeks Data on Complaints About Artificial Joints - NYTimes.com


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