The family is suing and the amount is not known.  The Velcro straps that held the patient to the operating table evidently gave way and the patient fell to the floor. 

The accident happened in St. Paul at St. Joseph’s hospital.  The family is also asking the hospital to make changes.  He had just survived a stroke and was fine with that procedure.  The family states the table is not wide enough, the patient weighed 330 pounds.  He was sedated.  He fell on the side of his head where he had previous surgery.  This is sad story.  BD 

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Family members of a man who died after rolling off the operating table during surgery are suing St. Joseph’s Hospital, claiming negligence.


On March 8, 61-year-old Max DeVries was scheduled to have a routine surgical procedure to replace a lumbar drain. DeVries, at 5’5 and 330 lbs, rolled off the operating table while sedated and landed on part of his head where a portion of his skull had been removed in a prior surgery.

Bleeding severely, DeVries was rushed to get a CT scan of his brain, and was transferred to intensive care. He died on April 13.

Lawsuit: Patient Rolls Off Operating Table, Dies | Max DeVries


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