This is a bit of a “no brainer” as to why because the cell phone makes the information instantly available for better decision making processes and patient care.  The use of Smart Phones only stands to grow not only with physicians but consumers as well and we see this in the news all the time.

The only thing that seems to put a damper on some of this comes back around to the word “change” and perhaps a lack of curiosity too, and the old phrase of “we’ve always done it this way” just doesn’t apply anymore to the world we live in.  You at least need to take a look at what is available as if you snooze, you lose. 

Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!

If you are a regular reader here at the Quack, I have had a small campaign going on with posts about how this technology could solve a lot of issues, main one being some ideas with recalls at the FDA.image

FDA Publishes Information on How to Identify Recalls – Why Not Scan That Stent With A Cell Phone and Make It Easy for the Public and Manufacturers To Keep Up, Notify And Automate Compliance

Everyone is out there trying to figure out how to involve the consumer in healthcare, and this is it with a real solution that helps all, just trying to get through some dead tech heads is the problem, so in the meantime you can probably look forward to a new slew of more websites that you will probably not use and the same old shuffle of information overload.  It is what it is. 

I think the folks who are creating these multitudes of information centers don’t quite understand that we are all on time schedules and there’s no way to really benefit if you don’t have the time which is why real time mobile healthcare information carries value.

How many of the sites do they read that they advocate, probably not many as they are busy too but everyone wants to make sure they tell you “what is good for you”, still big shake outs of the “its for those guys over there” with non participants that don’t get it that profess expert type of advice that’s going nowhere in a hurry.  

By the way, “are you still just using your cell phone for phone calls”….if so there’s a lot out there you are missing.  BD 

MENLO PARK, CA – Physician adoption of smartphones is experiencing exponential growth, according to "Point of Care Communications for Physicians," a new study from Spyglass Consulting Group.

The study shows significant trends on how physicians across the United States are adopting mobile communications at point of care to improve communications and collaboration, streamline productivity, and enhance patient care and safety.

The report reveals 94 percent of physicians are using smartphones to communicate, manage personal and business workflows, and access medical information. This represents a 60 percent increase from Spyglass' findings in a similar study published in November 2006. At that time, 59 percent of physicians were using smartphones.

"Physician smartphone adoption is occurring more rapidly than with members of the general public," said Gregg Malkary, managing director of Spyglass Consulting Group. "Physicians are showing a clear preference for using the Apple iPhone (44 percent) over the RIM Blackberry (25 percent)."

Physician uptake of smartphones grows by leaps | Healthcare IT News


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