This is fascinating and the video is well worth the watch.  The computer can respond to facial expressions and more.  The first image below shows a complicated proto type and the speaker explains of course why this would not work.  The algorithm unmasks the cortex .  Yes you heard correctly, we are back to the algorithms, life and research revolves around them.

image image

When you watch the entire video someone in a wheelchair can potentially think of where they want it to go and a “smile” could mean stop.


The were able to develop a wireless device, no gel, a few minutes to put on so the user can walk around with it and the cost is a few hundred dollars so this looks to be affordable.  The software works out of the box with preferences set up and established.  A profile for the user needs to be created and and a short training takes place, effortlessly from the user in 8 seconds. 

As users become more familiar more thought processes can be added and they can be mapped to any other program so imagine working on email or a Word document.  This is so fascinating that it is almost spooky.  I like the demonstration about opening and closing curtain in a room and turning lights off and on.  Now if you had two people with different opinions this could be interesting one thinks on and the other thinks off.  BD


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