This is fascinating about the investigative report that is being done about data bases and the secrecy that exists with many hidden facilities and technologies.  It includes a couple reporters from the Washington Post that are looking at the “underground” locations they can find and the secret existence of what many government agencies and private companies have in existence. 

They call it the “dark side”, a hidden society that exists and was basically created after 911.  This involves Homeland Security and the Corporate World.  It shows all the many locations of General Dynamics simply by mapping on the internet.  The sites are hidden for the most part, some in small business parks.  From an IT standpoint, most data centers are in buildings with no signs as a simple example and as this video suggests there are hiding places all over for all kinds of intelligence. 

The one reporter talks about buildings underground, top intelligence buildings.  It is interesting to hear the one reporter talk about how he was surrounded when driving on to one of their facilities, and it sounds like this one could be military.

This goes back to what I say about learning about what “Corporate Subsidiaries” are doing and staying up to date.  With today’s technology there may be no end as to what will be uncovered.  With transparency efforts today some of this is becoming visible.  It makes you wonder how this all was built up, 17,000 locations they found.  It is difficult to unravel as the report states. 

We live in a world today of such advanced capabilities and layers of companies that buy and sell others, so it is hard to keep a line on who owns who and who does what.  Many big corporations we see today, and in healthcare too are buying companies that a few years ago they would not have any interest in, but if there’s an intelligence advantage that can lead to profit, well I think you might guess as good as me as to what goes on.  This documentary is coming to PBS in the Fall of 2010.  It will be on my list to watch.  BD 

YouTube - FRONTLINE | Sneak Peek: Inside "Top Secret America" | PBS


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