The video speaks of where stem cell research is currently in the US and revisits the big breakthrough from a couple years ago when skin cells could be used instead of the actual embryo for research.  That discovery rapidly set things on fire for research in so many areas. 

Mentioned in the video is the project at UCI and you can hear a patient speak about how during the trial stage she has made an almost complete recovery from her spinal cord damage. 

Also mentioned here is all the millions of dollars that are invested in stem cell research across the country.  Eight to 10 recent paraplegics will receive injections injection of neurons to the site of the damage, with a short treatment of anti-rejection drugs afterwards.  Federal regulations under the Bush administration have hampered Stem Cell R and D for years.  Geron is working anti-cancer drugs and a cancer vaccine as well. BD


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NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Geron Corp. (GERN) can move forward with its early-stage trial of an embryonic stem cell treatment after the Food and Drug Administration lifted a clinical hold after almost a year.

Shares of the company rose 11% to $5.31 on the news.

The Menlo Park, Calif., company initially launched the study of GRNOPC1, imagewhich could potentially fix spinal cord injuries, in early 2009 but it was halted seven months later after safety concerns were raised by an animal study. No patients were enrolled in the study.

Late Thursday, Geron reported a second-quarter loss of $17 million on revenue of $1 million, reflecting collaboration agreements, and royalty and license fees. Aside from stem cell derived drugs, the company is also developing several cancer treatments.

CORRECT: UPDATE:Geron Gets FDA Approval To Resume Stem-Cell Study -


  1. Yes this is excellent news, I blogged about this when Geron first announced the trial back in January 2009 and was disappointed when additional animal studies identified potential problems. It's reassuring to know that Geron have put in the time and money to perform further animal studies to determinte if the potential problem with cyst formation was critical. It's best to be as sure as possible about these things before taking a novel therapy into clinical trials involving real patients.

    My best wishes go to the people who will take part in this trial, though it's sobering to know that none of them have yet been injured.


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