We have the schools out west but this is a first for the east coast and trains patients how to legally set up and grow certain marijuana plants for personal medical use.  Part of the proceeds go to AIDS and cancer research.  BD  image

PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The New England School of Alternative Horticultural Studies, a New England-based medical marijuana training center, today announced the September 2010 launch of its Basic Medical Marijuana training class in Warwick, RI, the first professional medical marijuana training class in the north eastern United States. 

Rhode Island State law allows registered patients or their caregivers to legally set up an indoor grow with a certain number of marijuana plants for personal medical purposes. Unlike similar schools in California and Colorado, the New England School of Alterative Horticultural Studies operates in the north eastern USA and offers professional medical marijuana training at a fraction of what the cost would be for a north eastern USA based student.

Another unique feature of this school is its strong sense of social responsibility. No less than 20% of all class proceeds are donated directly to causes such as AIDS & Cancer research, cannabis law reform, and other worthwhile patient advocacy programs. As stated by Hernandez himself: "Environmental and social responsibility are core values which we take very seriously around here." The school also extends special discounts to registered patients who cannot afford the full class tuition. 

Yet another distinction for the school is having incorporated state law, fire and electrical safety, ethics, confidentiality and professional conduct to the curriculum in addition to the horticultural aspect of a medical marijuana training class.

First Medical Marijuana School to Open Its Doors in New England -- PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 28 /PRNewswire/ --


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