Prior to Blue Cross she worked at Kaiser Permanente as a chief operations leader and with Cigna for 13 years as President and General manager of Cigna of California in their legal department.  I wonder how well she knew Wendell Potter who left Cigna a couple years ago and became the whistle imageblower of the health insurance industry.

Wendell Potter Speaks on PBS with Bill Moyer on Health Insurance Reform – The Industry Did Not Keep Their Word (Video Previews)

Will be interesting to hear more about her new endeavor and where the connections lie with any private equity firms, investors, etc. and see what type of coalition the new private group is.  Somebody has to back it with some money and I doubt she will be working for free.  BD

The president of Anthem Blue Cross has resigned after 2 1/2 years at the helm of California's largest for-profit insurer, its parent company said Tuesday.
Leslie Margolin led the Woodland Hills-based insurer as it weathered intense criticism this year over planned rate increases of up to 39% for many of its nearly 800,000 individual policyholders. Anthem canceled the hikes after calculation errors were uncovered in its filing.
Anthem parent WellPoint Inc. would not comment on Margolin's departure, saying only in a written statement that she "played an integral role in collaborating with hospitals and providers across the state" and championed innovations to improve patient safety.

In a separate statement, Margolin said she was leaving Anthem to lead a private healthcare reform coalition, Transforming Health Care. That group is composed of hospitals, physician groups, health plans, employers and consumer advocates working to improve California's healthcare delivery system, Margolin said in a statement.

Anthem Blue Cross: Shakeup at Anthem Blue Cross as its president steps down -


  1. Wellpoint is Vlad the Impaler of healthcare organizations. This woman is a healthcare Vampire, sucking the finances and health out of all the policyholders.

    She had to resign...the sun came up and she was about to burst into flames. Metaphorically.

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  3. Look like another WellPoint lesbian, to me.


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