Here’s a little history on this situation and now it appears after appealing the bid process, HealthNet will remain in place with Tri-Care for the northern contract.  Aetna it appears was disqualified with some conflict of interest and the General Accounting Office investigated the matter and here’s the new results.  No word yet imageon the appeal from Humana for the southern Tri-Care contract. 

Tri-Care Contracts Still Not Defined – Aetna and United Bids Still in Limbo From the GOA

“You think getting a claim paid today is difficult, well let’s step back a little further on the the Tri-Care bids and these 2 situations are still up in the air.  Healthnet and Humana protested the bids and thus far the GAO is still looking into the matter.   Aetna supposedly cheated with hiring a former Tri-Care official to prepare it’s bid.” 

Aetna and United HealthCare Secure Military Contracts with Tri-Care

After the original contracts were announced HealthNet sold it’s northeast business to United Healthcare.  I am guessing that was predicated on the potential loss with the original announcements.  The sale to United was announced a few days after HeatlhNet lost the Tri-Care contract in that area to Aetna with United gaining the Tri-Care agreement in the southeast.  Complaints of unfairness have been filed on the award of the Tri-Care business as well.  Profits last year for United were over 3 billion.

UnitedHealthCare Buys a Portion of Health Net in the Northeast

Anyway, it’s good to see at least part of the process being solved so the insured will know where their insurance contracts lie and where to go.  BD

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 05, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Health Net Federal Services, LLC (Health Net), a subsidiary of Health Net, announced that today the Department of Defense (DoD) notified the company that the DoD intends to award Health Net the new TRICARE North Region contract. Health Net currently is the managed care contractor for the TRICARE North Region.

"Health Net is honored to continue to serve our active duty, National Guard and Reserve members, and military retirees and their families in the North Region," said Jay Gellert, president and chief executive officer of Health Net, Inc. "I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our associates who have continued to provide support for our TRICARE beneficiaries during the protest period."

Department of Defense Intends to Award Health Net the TRICARE North Contract - MarketWatch


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