When it comes to the high costs of physicians in healthcare, having 8% of the total imageamount spent based on this survey, is small.  Costly tests still add up and radiologists and cardiologists earn between 2-3 times as family practice physicians.  The survey showed $170,000 as an average for family practice doctors but I know some that don’t even make $100k in California, in other words their salary is what’s left over after the bills are paid.  BD 

As physicians face tighter scrutiny from consumers and public health experts, a survey conducted by Jackson Healthcare reveals that physician pay accounts for approximately 8 percent of total U.S. spending on medical care, while only a minority of physicians receive additional earnings for ordering imaging or other tests.  

Using data from the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Jackson Healthcare estimated that physician salaries in the U.S. totaled $216 billion in 2009, while national health spending reached $2.5 trillion in that year overall.

Based on results from the survey, Atlanta-based Jackson Healthcare, which provides medical staffing, management and health IT products, found that 82 percent of physicians receive no compensation for ordering imaging, prescriptions, labs or other tests. Meanwhile, a minority of physicians—36 percent—reported that their yearly income came only from fixed sources.

Physician salaries 8 percent U.S. healthcare costs


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