You can see from this press release that’s about what we have here with talking about how big, mighty and organized the company is becoming.  With marketing imagetoday everyone is trying to squeeze out any little angle they can.  In this press release they are talking about getting some of the best analytical algorithms possible to ensure that money is saved and that they are going to grow and buy up some other companies. 

We are going to be so strategized we are not going to be able to stand it pretty soon.  This is just one of many that I read on the web every day.  We also have the big behemoth of United that is on a huge shopping spree for the last couple of years and it all related back to analytical algorithmic processes, so Cigna appears not to want to be outdone here with keeping the same type of presence in the public eye.  What good it does for the consumer is little other than cloud issues when everyone is struggling for health care and hospitals are laying off individuals. 

UnitedHealthGroup Behemoth Continues to Grow With Executive Health Resource Acquisition–Subsidiary Watch

I really don’t care who’s a leader these days, but just want good care so all the “mighty powered” press releases out there today are pretty useless when it comes to care, and on that same issue, so are the press releases that rank hospitals and doctors, all of this is becoming more useless as the days go on.  When it comes to hearing about how Cigna operates, I prefer to listen to what Wendell Potter has to say as he was there for a number of years. BD

And Now A Word From Wendell Potter About Healthcare Reform and Medical Loss Ratios..

Press Release:

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthLeaders-InterStudy, a leading provider of managed care market intelligence, reports that while CIGNA plans to demonstrate that it can grow organically by competing for local government contracts, mergers and acquisitions are also part of its strategy to grow its medical benefit membership.

According to the recent National MCO Analyzer: CIGNA, Inc., acquisitions have allowed CIGNA to gain new product lines such as voluntary, limited benefit and low-cost health plans. Furthermore, adding Kronos Optimal Health to its portfolio this year has expanded the amount of health coaches, health education and lifestyle management programs to its offerings.

"CIGNA is looking for acquisitions that complement its consumer engagement strategy and robust wellness programs, similar to its purchase of Kronos Optimal Health in February 2010," said HealthLeaders-InterStudy Product Director Jane DuBose. "With the ability to customize benefit plans and demonstrate through its own research how wellness and health management programs pay off, this is one area where CIGNA can distinguish itself from other national carriers."

In addition to providing detailed analysis of how CIGNA is poised to expand, the National MCO Analyzer: CIGNA, Inc. report also provides information on CIGNA's:

  • Markets, products, benefits and enrollment trends
  • Information on contracts with government and state entities
  • A detailed SWOT analysis and a look ahead

About National MCO Analyzer

National MCO Analyzer is the account manager's tool for in-depth analysis of national MCO corporate strategies, opportunities and challenges. Profiling the country's largest managed care organizations, each report includes:

  • Market analysis from HealthLeaders-InterStudy's managed care market experts, along with an overview of opportunities and challenges for a plan in the year ahead.
  • Competitive analysis outlining a managed care organization's strengths, challenges and opportunities.
  • Plan dashboard providing national-level enrollment mix and trends.

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CIGNA's Mergers and Acquisitions Will Help Distinguish Them From Other National Carriers -- NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ --


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