You have to somewhat look at this humorously to a degree as now will there be medics riding with law enforcement to immediately check the blood pressure and other vitals on the spot?  Before being sent back over the border will the illegal imagealiens get a free healthcare assessment that we all can’t seem to get as citizens with what is happening today over profits and financials?  Certainly if someone is in need of immediate attention I’m sure the authorities can recognize this to a degree.

Besides that if an illegal were deported and came back, well there would be medical records on file and I am guessing this would be tied into some kind of DNA record as it appears we are all going that direction, so while detained they can get that swab out. 

In the meantime though our healthcare insurers want to send us over the border as our care here is too expensive for us, but we don’t get it free.  We can’t seem to get citizens on electronic records; however the illegals will get some type of record on file here in the US.  You can bet people like this former Cigna executive and founder are going to be working hard on that as there’s big dollars to be made with profits. 

Former Cigna CEO and Founder Joins Board of Directors With Medical Tourism Company–Accounting and Algorithmic Business Model Expertise Hired

I think we have some priorities mixed up here and need to spend our money on citizens first and today that’s just not happening.  Perhaps this is one of those IT efforts that can get moved to the back burner to be deployed when additional funds are available. BD 

The Homeland Security Department plans to acquire an electronic health record system to better manage healthcare services to the increasing numbers of illegal aliens and other foreign fugitives detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

The agency is expanding holding facilities and modernizing information systems, including for medical services, to accommodate mounting numbers of individuals arrested and in custody of the administrations’ border security agents.


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