I didn’t have a video showing how it works on an iPhone so here’s one I ran across imagetoday.  As usual here’s the pitch for using these for FDA Recalls and having all being able to use your cell phone as a scanner.  Here’s a nice tweet from Twitter from a Mom that would have welcomed this opportunity with the J and J recalls and perhaps J and J might welcome this idea too as they need to restore some public confidence. It would allow J and J to have a plan of action for when recalls come out as they are not going to go away. 

Tracking Medical Device Recalls – Sounds Like A Good Place for a Microsoft Tag Data Base at the FDA


Microsoft Tags – Microsoft MSDN Posts Ideas from the Medical Quack About Use in Healthcare!image

One thing for sure this conference will expose is the identification of the “participants”

I never did hear any follow up on how the bar codes were received at the National Conference of State Legislatures and I am guessing most probably ignored that part.

National Conference of State Legislatures Using Microsoft Tags At This Year’s Convention to Allow Attendees to Stay Informed and Engaged

image image

Here’s the video showing how this works on the iPhone and if you like the idea be sure an take a moment to vote.  BD

We just scanned through it and found a bunch of advertisements, but we can see how this may be used for something more practical. For example, checking out lunch menus while waiting in line. Maybe while exploring the zoo, imagine being able to take a snapshot of one of these tags and being taken to a page for more information on the animal you are looking at.

How To: Download and Use Microsoft Tag--Video Included - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog


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