Sapphire Energy is one of Bill Gate’s investments, algae that he speaks about as imagewell as elaborating on a software predicting models allowing for cures to become reality.  Bill Gates talks about reading and even touches on “toilet” technology and thinks one should be do-able, “Water and Sanitation” is the book he read and doesn’t recommend for everyone.  This is a long video of around 30-45 minutes so watch when you have some time.  He says there’s no room for innovation with our current learning system. 

The Link between intelligence and Curiosity Is Discovered

He states the biggest problem with education is “motivation” in other words ticking in on that area of curiosity.   Teaching materials with the web will be free or almost free.  Accreditation – do you have the knowledge of a MIT degree for an example.  Education is about to go through the do-coupling just like PCs have. 

The discussion of optimism and where Mr. Gates is most optimistic, and the political process is one he hits on pretty big.  What can we do to to improve healthcare spending. 

The main people who understand this needing a fix are bias, he says and the problem is finding more that are unbiased individuals.  He says that is depressing with the long term thinking of politicians.  You call me a name, I call you a name and we get money from this funny guy and you get money from that funny guy.  I do have to say this is pretty good description of what we see and hear for sure! 

Economics is not good as measuring innovation, agree!

Bill Gates talks about philanthropy and the future and the fact that only 15% comes into play in the US which he thought originally was going to be around 50%.  Is philanthropy picking the right areas, balance between VC (which he says is wrong 90% of the time) and human areas need to merge better on common ground and there’s the same 90% area of being off base here too.  He states you need to be after areas where results can be attained. 

We are spending money insanely today. 

On education he talks about “charter schools” and how they indulge students in the learning processes for 80% of their awake time.  The “motivated” learning will be on the internet to learn.  The $200k education which is getting harder to get will be changing to around 2k.  Education and healthcare of course go hand in hand. 

Even after all of this Bill Gates comes out with an optimistic view, a miracle and a very enlightening session.  BD


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