I guess it was this system they purchased from Unisys that is causing the problem.  I think we are experiencing a time when decisions are made, it is extremely imageimportant to have an IT person around with some hands on experience as otherwise sometimes promissory dates as to when items become effective can fail, like this one. 

Molina Healthcare Acquiring Unisys Health Information Management for Approximately 135 Million

Sometimes with infrastructure updates and combining data systems, things happen and delays occur and thus there’s extra work required.  Right now we have so many different systems operating out there and all so very different we have to rely on the aggregators to bring them together to communicate and that’s not a road without a lot of bumps either sometimes.  You can ask people to be patient for a while but when it affects the food being put on the table and patient care, well data intricacies and issues don’t cut it, been there done that.   Molina also has the big new teleheatlh venture in California and perhaps maybe doing too much at one time?

Cisco Systems and Molina Healthcare HMO Announce Telemedicine Pilot Program – Long Beach, California

The big stink here too is that there have been no penalties levied and the governor is cautiously positive about a rapid repair, which is a good word here as who knows what will be found with integrating data with purchased systems.  BD

IDAHO FALLS - Thousands of Idaho Medicaid providers are left under the bus, when it comes to receiving their Medicaid payments back from state health and welfare. The state brought in a new computer billing system called Molina to pay back Medicaid providers; but the system has failed since the day it started in July. And they've yet to be fined for the financial disaster they've caused providers.

State Health and Welfare Dept. does not penalize Molina for delaying Medicaid providers their service payments | KIDK CBS 3 - News, Weather and Sports - Idaho Falls - Pocatello - Blackfoot, ID - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot - Idaho | Local & Regional


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