When we combine insurer information we need to make sure we have “live” patients here so the information is not skewed.  I mention this as a couple weeks ago the city found 2 million dollars worth of money spent on insuring patients who had been dead for a number of years.  When participating with an HMO doctors get notices too that patients are due for mammograms, etc. and I have heard this in a few doctors offices that they get notices to recall patients for screenings and tests for patients that are dead and the fact that the provider did notify but for some reason or another the data doesn’t get connected.  image

Perhaps with the new Health IT money here some of this can be ironed out.  All of this has to come together today so we have accurate and good data to work with.  BD

City of Buffalo Has Paid Over $2 Million to Provide Health Insurance for Hundreds of Dead People-Some as Many as 4 Years

The HIE was one of 15 community-based organizations awarded a total of $220 million in economic stimulus funds to create "Beacon Communities" to serve as pilot sites for comprehensive use of health information technology. The goal is to accelerate and demonstrate the benefits of health I.T. while laying the groundwork for establishment of tens of thousands of health I.T. jobs

Buffalo Beacon Community Set to Go


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