I think the number of countries looking for American patients for medical tourism is larger than those that do not.  imageThe website also gives phone contact numbers for their offices in the UK and Spain.  In looking at the site it appears that the insurance part of it is for members in the UK and Spain the the US portion of this is the availability of setting up a trip for surgery to Spain. 

Each site list the other one as a partner so I am not sure who owns who here and how it all comes together.  What is kind of interesting too on the site is the suggestion of getting a home equity loan to help pay for your surgery, well that’s almost a thing in the past in the US.  You also get a $50.00 prepaid cellphone to stay in touch with family while under going surgery. 

At any rate, here’s one more option for the files and information.  BD


SimpleCare World Health-with offices in Miami, Florida and Malaga, Spain –is a new medical tourism agency offering international medical travelers high quality affordable treatment in a first world country-Spain. Non-acute operations and medical procedures (such as orthopedic surgery, hip and knee replacements, cardiac surgery including coronary artery bypass and heart valve replacement, bariatric surgery) are available for significantly less than what they would cost in other first world countries, especially the agency’s main target , the United States.

Spain is a world leader in medical tourism, offering state of the art facilities and the newest technology. Even with the travel costs involved the total amount spent on treatment for cancer care, cardiovascular disease and hip & knee replacements, amongst other procedures, still saves money for those who are willing to travel. SimpleCare offers English speaking medical specialists in hospitals in Spain, at prices 40-70% less than US costs.

The package includes-

  • Flights to and from Spain.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • Cell Phone with $50.00 prepaid to stay in touch with family back home.
  • Consultation with the appropriate specialist.
  • Booking into a hospital for the operation.
  • Accommodation for patient and companion.
  • Concierge service for patient and companion.
  • Arrangements for aftercare while in Spain.

New offerings in medical travel to Spain from SimpleCare World Health


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