I like to keep the far right hand side open for both advertisers and resources to be imageused by healthcare individuals as well as consumers. Today I did an update with both the graphics and added a new PHR to the list, Patient Ally.  Patient Ally is also a “free” PHR that is offered and stored on the Office Ally servers.  I try to keep this area open for those personal health records that are not stored on insurance company servers or their subsidiary companies so you know where your records are.  This is important today.

Patient Ally offers the opportunity for physicians and patients to communicate securely and being Office Ally is a “free” clearinghouse service for providers and hospitals, they are in a position to populate medications, labs and even some insurer claim information.  If you want to get started with a PHR and open up the avenues to communicate with your doctors, you might want to take a look as all they need to do is sign up and use the EHRR Lite imageservice and the patient and doctor have a secure way to communicate via email and templated request formats.  Once both patients and doctors are signed up on both ends, the physicians can get paid for their time too.   If you are a patient click on the Image on the right to find out more about it and it is also permanently bookmarked on the blog, same image right next to Google Health and HealthVault.

If you are a physician interested in this service you can read more at their blog about how it works as was featured by the AMA a few months ago.  This can be helpful with all in network as the information can be shared with both primary MDs and specialists alike with the patient being in control. 

American Medical Association Talks About Getting Paid for Online Consults – Patient Ally A Featured Solution

From the website:

“Today, Patient Ally was discussed by the American Medical Association as a physician’s solution imagefor getting paid for e-visits or online consults.   In addition to working with Blue Shield, the service is free for physicians to sign up and become part of the network.  When a doctor becomes part of the network, they are also searchable by patients and other doctors within the network.

Patient Ally is working with Blue Shield in California to supply this service for those patients insured under the program.  If you have seen or worked with Relay Health, this is very similar and the same concept. 

Patient Ally Expanding Services to Blue Shield Customers in California

The company provides free software as a service offerings s well as additional imageservices that are available via subscription which are very reasonable in price.  Information can also be transferred to other programs too, good thing to keep in mind today as well as knowing where your data is stored and who has access. 

Additional updates and information can be found at the Office Ally blog.  BD


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