Last year I attended and did a short interview with Microsoft and the CEO of imageBumrungrad hospital and then spent the rest of the day learning and talking to many of the attendees and I learned a lot. You can read what I gathered up last year at the link below.  I do have to say this was an entire new world in healthcare that I had not been exposed to and had some great talks with a professor from Germany, a group from a hospital in Israel and many more. 

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

Here’s a few of the speakers from US companies and hospitals listed on the schedule of speakers and there are more along with many from other countries. 





News in the last year has been of local US domestic tourism too with Lowes and the Cleveland Clinic, and both are speaking at the convention.   

Lowe's And Cleveland Clinic Strike Up a Domestic Medical Tourism Contract – Heart Surgery for Employees and Dependents

The convention also is touting more representatives from health insurance companies and we have seen this with HeatlhNet and Mexico as well as Blue Cross with some contracts and agreements this year.  BD

WellPoint to begin pilot Medical Tourism program with India

This year’s 3rd World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress is expected to be bigger and better than before.  More insurance companies, employers and medical tourism facilitators are involved in the industry than ever before.  

Some of the Highlights of this Years Conference

  • Up to 2,000 Attendees from over 60 countries
  • Up to 10,000 pre-scheduled networking meetings
  • Up to  100 Speakers

    Buyers of Healthcare VIP Program – Bringing up to 200 buyers of healthcare to the conference

  • More International Employers, Insurance Companies and Buyers than Before
  • Special focus on Global Benefits and Global Insurance Programs
  • Special Focus on Medical Tourism Cities, Healthcare Development and Sustainable Healthcare
  • Special Focus on Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance and Global Health Insurance

World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress


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