One thing Cobol is stable but Social Security may end up running out of room in time so there’s good reason for the massive project to finally bring Social Security up to imagedate and have their own infrastructure that will keep up with the times. Cobol may have issues scaling well with today’s data systems.  They have managed to bring in some updated services and there’s a couple links below to read up to include the new debit card. 

In Boston at Beth Israel Deaconess, a pilot program was created and is in use, beginning in 2008 and they have been exchanging records, and I believe they were the actual first program started by Social Security.  Social Security is also sharing records with the VA and DOD.  The medical records are relative to disability claims being filed and speeds up the process tremendously.  In August of 2009 Social Security set their own budget for electronic medical records.  

Social Security budgets 24 Million for EHRs

Even though the system still operates with COBOL at the base they are still working towards new and automated features in other areas s well, such as the debit card for those on disability, less paper to chase.  Many projects have been put on the back burner but this is one that literally needs it as a whole new structure is needed here to keep up with the demands and this is one where our Congress does see some value although in other areas of IT it is a struggle.   

Social Security Disability - New Debit Card, Going Paperless

If the contract gets awarded to one company there will be tons of sub contractors of course as that’s the way it is done.  To do it any other way and piece meal it would be a mistake as someone needs to run this show and not have it subject to what we see in Washington with decision procrastinating.  Perhaps some of this could reside in the cloud for some of the lower priority items that may not require the highest levels of security too.  BD

The Social Security Administration expects to award by October a contract potentially worth more than $2 billion for information technology support during the next eight years, agency officials confirmed late Friday.

The huge purchase is an extension of an IT services contract currently held by Lockheed Martin Corp. that has reached its cap of $525 million. The scope of work for this follow-on will extend beyond the previous contract that was primarily for software development and maintenance to include health information technology as well as new management responsibilities. The award may be split between multiple companies.

Social Security expects to award mega-IT contract by October - Nextgov


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