Chris McCarthy featured here in the video has to have on of the most gratifying jobs imagearound.  Last year I had the opportunity to talk with him and I learned quite a bit about how the processes take place and how it call comes together through collaboration with ideas from all.  It’s a bot of a lengthy interview but packed with a lot of information that perhaps you may not be aware of. 

Innovation and Learning at Kaiser Permanente – Interview With Chris McCarthy

To further sharing of ideas and creating solutions, Chris and Kaiser Permanente are also members of the ILN, the Innovation Learning Network which consists of Kaiser and other healthcare institutions, all again working in the same directions on the clip_image001[16]same and similar types of projects. The ILN Group meets every 6 months and the meeting is scheduled at one of the member’s innovation space areas. Chris stated that the more organizations that join and commit to “design thinking”, the better it gets and smart organizations allow for continuous innovation to happen.

If you take a look at the website you can see the membership on the left hand side of the site to include Partners Health, Via Christie Healthcare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and more.

Brainstorming is one of tricks used as well as the all important input from the healthcare employees who are actually working with system and software – the big key for success all the way around.  BD

Kaiser Innovation

Kaiser Permanente leads the health care industry in using design thinking to engage frontline staff to create solutions to universal imageproblems in health care, such as medication administration error, nurse shift handoff and pain management.

Design thinking is a particularly useful innovation tool because it brings both health care providers and patients into the process to design solutions together that result in patient-centric care.

Kaiser Permanente's Innovation Consultancy Featured in 'Harvard Business Review' | Kaiser Permanente News Center


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