The card has been around for a while and the City has determined that part of the problem with little participation was due to the fact that is has not been promoted enough so this week a new effort will begin.  image

I did a quick check for the name brand Plavix and it’s still a high ticket item at $170 for a 30 day supply but the good news is there’s some new potential lower cost drugs in the works and then a future generic coming around soon. 


I did another comparison which may not be the best example and used a common anti biotic, Cipro.  You can see a huge savings just between the name brand and the generic; however in this case I’m better off with the $4.00 offers from Wal Mart or Target and several other stores, so perhaps there are savings there, but I just picked a couple commonly prescribed drugs where a big difference was not seen.  BD 


Our card is available for use by you, your family, and your friends. If you do not have insurance that covers prescriptions, this card may save you dollars on all your prescription needs. And even if you have a prescription card through your medical insurance plan, you can use this savings card for prescriptions not covered by your current carrier to help save you money.

LARx Prescription Savings Program Card


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