A few months ago we had this desktop analytics software emerge and now the next level up is to address the CTOs and CIOs it sounds like and I hope someday imagethose job don’t turn into one big algorithm >grin>.

Ingenix (UnitedHealthCare Subsidiary) Creates Desktop Software for Employers to Analyze Employee Benefit Use To Help Cut Costs – More Analytics and Algorithms To Save That Buck

Actually the press release goes through the usual listing of individuals who will make up this division and their experience and qualifications which does sometimes does not make any real impact today as it’s the algorithms that need to be sold to generate transaction revenue.  Here’s a couple other recent post, so now that we have more algorithmic processes in house, I guess a team was needed to get out and sell them and generate those profit to pay for these acquisitions. 

Ingenix (Subsidiary of United Health Care) Buys QualityMetric – More Algorithmic Formulas To Choose From To Identify Future Risk and Cost
UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

I still stay with something I said over 2 years ago and that is the fact that we need imagesome type of governing agency to keep these on file with digital formats so our members of Congress can have a visual on how they work.  I just read the other day where an analyst on Wall Street said who ever has the best technology is going to win and I think he’s right on that matter. 

My Algorithm Didn’t Do That, Did It? Is There a “Department of Algorithms” in Our Future?

We also saw in the next recently that Goldman Sachs wants part of this action too.

Goldman-Sachs Announces Their Intentions to Enter Health IT Consulting – Pitching Those Algorithms

Ingenix is the healthcare algorithm business on steroids, just take a look at the long list of software services on the site, all analytics and business intelligence for this subsidiary of United Health Group (the care is gone).  BD   

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Ingenix Consulting has announced the launch of its Strategic Technology Solutions practice. The new service aims to help healthcare executives create health IT investment and implementation strategies that enable their organizations to improve patient outcomes, enhance organizational performance and prepare for fundamental shifts occurring in healthcare nationwide.

"Ingenix Consulting is building a team of experts dedicated to helping healthcare organizations take advantage of unprecedented investment and innovation in health IT," said Ingenix Consulting CEO John Nackel. "These experts share a passion for using information and technology to help clients solve their most pressing business challenges and achieve their goals for growth, performance and access to capital."

Ingenix Consulting starts new technology practice | Healthcare IT News


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