This is a new procedure for those who has serious asthma problems and where medication is not working well.  The process sends thermal energy to the airway walls and reduced muscle tissue constrictions.image

The procedure requires 3 minimally invasive outpatient bronchoscopies and each targets a different area of the lungs.  Light anesthesia is required and the patient goes home the same day and each treatment is 3 weeks apart.  This treatment is for adults 18 years of age or older. 

FDA Approves Procedure Therapy for Severe Asthma That Can’t Be Controlled with Medication

When the hospital was built it was staged as the hospital of the future and below is imagea video that shows some of what has been built into the ultra modern hospital, where the wireless network lives in the walls.  It also was kind of a shock to hear too that due to economic times and fewer patients with less revenue, the brand new facility is in the same boat at many other hospitals in laying off employees.

El Camino Hospital Will Lay Off 140 Employees - 5 to 6% of The Hospital Workers

The new bronchial procedure was approved by the FDA in April of this year and El Camino is one of the first facilities to offer the procedure.  When you watch the video they have 5 operating rooms that are only for “interventional procedures” and there’s of course more ORs for other surgeries. 

Technology in Use at El Camino Hospital – Mountain View, CA (Video)

It makes sense that El Camino with their new facility and operating rooms would be a choice to offer the procedure.  BD 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--El Camino Hospital has been selected as one of the first hospitals in Northern California to offer bronchial thermoplasty, a new medical treatment for the most severe cases of asthma. Approved by the FDA in April and now becoming available at leading pulmonary institutions across the country, the treatment promises significant relief for the 10 to 15% of asthma sufferers whose out-of-control symptoms cannot be contained by current medications.

“Bronchial thermoplasty is an important step forward for patients with severe asthma”

Dr. Ganesh Krishna, an interventional pulmonologist renowned for his skilled minimally invasive approach to diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, heads the new treatment program at El Camino Hospital.

El Camino Hospital Offers Revolutionary New Asthma Treatment | EON: Enhanced Online News


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